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Finally, My New Site is Launched!

11th Nov 2013 Posted under: Announcement

This may or may not be worthy of a fanfare; I am pleased to announce my new Portfolio and Blog website is now up and running! I've labelled it with a pretentious term like Journal, but really it's just a blog. So, what can we expect to see on this site? Everything I create from now onwards and everything (decent) that I have created previously! The site itself is still under construction, running off about a million stylesheets right now, so I'll be tidying it up and smoothing out all the bugs for a while too. Also some stuff doesn't quite work as I have fully intended but the site itself is in a good enough state to release.

I've just spent many days/weeks coding, getting this all to look and work exactly how I want it to. This is not what I usually do so I am eager to get back to some drawing and have plans to finish up some unfinished pieces. Most of all, I plan to finally turn some of my old sketches into the full colour versions as imagined during drafting. I'm very excited about that as I've been putting it off for a long time.

As for this journal, this is probably one of the most formal posts it will contain. I can't imagine there will be many site announcements so you can expect this to turn into more of a thoughts outlet and a place where I write notes for myself. I will even try and write some proper articles about stuff from time to time. Mainly: animation, illustration, design, gaming and film related stuff. To finish up, I have to test out my image uploading utility, so enjoy the silly picture.

That's all for now!