Here is some fanart for the game System Shock 2. Shodan, the rogue sentient AI. Bent on assimilating mankind and using us to enact her will.

Big Bullies

Spectator Magazine did a piece on Theresa May's sex appeal, so I decided to do some fanart of her and her buddies


The longest painting I have worked on to date! There were techniques and things I'd been wanting to try for ages, so I did all of that in this piece.

Heavenly Orange Car

Ok it's maybe not heavenly, the lighting is just rather nice. Also it matches the theme here which is nice.


It is exactly what the title says. When would you ever need a car with a razor grill, giant suspension and cannons on the roof?


Art competition entry. The theme was valentines day and robots. Perfect for me; born on valentines day with a love for sci-fi mechs and robots.

Megaupload Campagin Poster

Being a lover of controversy and uncomfortable subjects, I took it upon myself to design a poster for Kim Dotcom's latest campaign.

Toons To Wear Pants To

The first personal animation I've released in a very long while. Technically something I started in 2008 but it lay untouched for many years.

The Global Entrepreneur

Logo and Brand Guidelines for startup company, The Global Entrepreneur. It was vital we avoid the obvious cliche of a globe and instead hint at freedom in a much looser manner.

Business Time

Digital matte painting for a book cover. The book is more of a lifestyle or how-to guide than an actual novel. The aim was to create something which conveyed an idea rather than a direct translation of the content.

Love Game

Vector painted rendition of a sketch based on an argument I heard from my 4th floor apartment, happening the other side of our block at about 2.30 in the morning on a Sunday night.

Will "The Thrill" Grant: Autograph and Biography Card

BMX Racer Will Grant was looking for somebody to design his autograph card, which he hands out at events. I really wanted to keep a full picture of him on both sides, while including a detailed breakdown of his BMX and the biographical information.

2011 Showreel

2011 animation showreel. Featuring some of my Flash animation from 2008 – 2011.

Box Drop Logo Concept

Logo concept for an Italian parcel collection service, featuring fully original typography.

Sullivan Tyre and Auto Repair: Newspaper ad

This was a one-time piece for a special promotion, advertised in newspapers. The spec was quite simple and my idea developed itself, as I worked within the space to create what I set out to achieve.

Buyer Compass Logo

Development of a logo for a price comparison service which focuses on outputting the most trusted results to users, based on reviews and ratings.

Mouth Marketing Logo

Enjoyable project for a Marketing and PR firm. Here I went for an abstract approach to a very familiar association, symbolising a mouth with a simple fluid shape. The aim of this was to avoid cheesy solutions like a smile or overly detailed image. Rather; create an image that is shouting for attention within itself. Logo

Concept logo for I wanted to create a clean, typographical solution while still retaining enough visual clues to what it was about.


Small Identity project for a one-day event somewhere in the States. The identity was to be used on stickers, banners and leaflets (also the web). The project had a clear direction from the beginning and ended up where it did pretty quickly.

Umpf: Logo and Branding Development

Identity for a Social Media & PR company based in London. They wanted to really capture the onomatopoeia of their brand name; something with real impact full of energy. Here's how it turned out.

Portrait for CJ

A friend from College, whom happened to be very keen on my vector pieces, was kind enough to let me draw her portrait in a tidy vector style.

Dawson's Party Invite

For a friends 18th birthday, I was asked to draw the design for the invite. This included both front and back sides of a small A5 card. Naturally I accepted and everyone got very drunk on the day.


Another piece from my College years. The subject was Freedom. Somehow I arrived at this, I'm not sure how but it's pretty badass.

Maverick Renegade

Going all the way back to the College years. Outcome for an Illustration project that  was centralised on a specific location in my hometown.


All the way to 2006 for my second Wacom painting, created just days after the first. A combination of 3D, and painting to create this stunning conceptual freezeframe.


Right back to 2006 for my first ever Wacom matte painting! This one uses a subtle combination of 3D, Photoshop and some stock photos for parts of the clouds. Very much a learning experience for 16 year old me.