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2011 Showreel

Please note: This requires Adobe Flash Player to run, to view the video on handheld devices please use the following link: http://vimeo.com/31606622

Here are some select cuts from my Flash Animations created between 2008 and 2011. It's all chopped together in a way that doesn't really make very much sense, just showcases various animation techniques and styles. I've also included some images which allow you to take a look at the process behind these clips and see things the way I do.

In this screenshot you can see the various sound events happening in the timeline. In the actual animation there is a backing track and also sound events for every movement. The background is very simple, composed of only one layer. This particular scene is part of a small collection of short clips. Not all too different from the showreel video itself.

This clip is from a music video for a Doctor, who is also a rapper. The scene this part is from, is rather basic. It is the intro to a song and just has some tweened elements that move about or fade in. As you can see in the image, my drawing trails off when it is outside of the camera. I'm all about those Flash video compression techniques.

If you've seen the reel, then you will appreciate the complexity of this scene. There's two masks, about five layers being tweened all at once and a whole frame by frame sequence leading here. This scene is one of the grandest I've conjured up and was really fun to work on. I will be making many more on this epic scale.

To finish, a scene from a Pico Day animation for Newgrounds. A very long side-scrolling scene, following Pico in a tank. There are all kinds of foreground elements moving past and the background is composed of two layers. I really like the sense of depth in this scene and the floaty tank movement across the terrain.