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Basidia: The Basic Encyclopedia

By the time I started this project, it had been three full years since my decision to delve into typography. I'd even studied lettering to degree-level at university by this point. This meant I was eager to try something new and different. An idea I hadn't done or even seen before. That was, a rounded serif font. My initial draft was very rough but I sent it to the client, explaining what I had in mind.

When I sent that, I also attached some sketches of my ideas for a symbol. The brief asked for a symbol which was to be colourful and fun, aimed towards school children. As this was for a wiki-styled knowledge base and learning platform, the symbol was supposed to be related to learning. My concept was pretty simple, a hand print within a larger hand. This was to symbolise a persons growth. From finger painting and making hand prints in nursery, through to growing up, becoming a much more structured and knowledgeable person; represented by the solid white hand shape.

The second draft was much more flawless, having spent about twice as long on the font. I'd also worked on a few drafts of the symbol before arriving where I did. The font was actually created as a hollow, 3D shadow styled font. The right edge is heavier than the left and again, this was to imply moving forwards.

The third draft is the final and complete version. It had even gone as far as including subtle hints in the hand print of a green thumb and pink pinky finger. A lot of time was spent on this for a week long project. I think it was worthwhile though.