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Buyer Compass Logo

Typography was key for this project. The client specifically wanted a logo that encompassed their product within the text. The ability to have a standalone app icon, derived from the text, was the other target to achieve. From my paper sketches I decided the 'e' and 'o' characters the best candidates for making an icon, due to their ability to fit comfortably within a square.

A few solutions were designed, focused on direction and geared towards optics. The unique typeface had to be readable on small watermarks and web banners. When working with single-story 'a' characters and no serifs, this can be quite a challenge. Much deliberation and sketching was done to arrive at these results.

Here I looked at creating something that felt like a compass. I used the offset horizontal bar of the 'e' character to imitate hemispheres on a compass face then set it within negative space and a blue surround to create an icon.

Custom typefaces are always fun to make. This one was heavily based upon marker sketches and capturing how my quick scribbles transformed each letter at different sizes. Making this in Illustrator was especially fun as most letters are constructed from the same curve. It was a bit like making a jigsaw puzzle, joining everything together. Once I'd laid out the main letter structure I added the spurs and smoothed up all the edges.

Here are some mockups of the final typography for buyer compass. We settled on a rounded, Bauhaus inspired typeface. All curves equal and trailing to the same point on every letter.