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Event City: Logo Identity Project

It is always nice to dive straight in to a big project when working for a new employer. I was handed a brief of nearly thirty pages, full of research, associated imagery and spec from the client. This gave me lots to work with, in the short space of time I had to work on it. As always I started on paper and developed my symbols that way, allowing me to work on them further when transforming them to vectors.

To begin, I looked at the the nearby activities housed in and around the Trafford Centre. With a climbing wall and snow dome just round the corner it seemed sensible to try and reflect some of this energy in the logo. While Event City is just an empty venue to host your own events, I wanted its signage to be just as striking as the other venues nearby.

Having a thirty page brief, I came up with at least an equivalent number of ideas. There were loads of ideas that were far away from the original concepts and some seemingly totally unrelated. Some I just looked at letters, whereas others were related to the venue. Ultimately I wanted something that was eye-catching and thought provoking. These are all first drafts as the client chose to work with one of our competitors in the end. It is a shame they never got developed more as some of these ideas were quite interesting.

My third draft was one of the most abstract. It borrows some of the technique I'd exercised in my Umpf branding project. This one was created with mobile apps in mind. The icon would be for the app, allowing users to stay tuned as to what's on at Event City.

Finally, I arrived at what was definitely my favourite draft. This treatment was what I'd been looking for the whole time, being a fan of clever typography. I found a way to combine the 'E' and the 'C' in a way that was iconic and I felt reflected the nature of the venue. I also used the Trafford Centre red, as it is all owned by the same people and I wanted to try for some consistency here.

Here are some draft presentations of possible applications for the Logo. Event City is situated in a busy area so it needed to be readable from afar and clear with no clutter. I think that these two treatments work best for that.