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Having learnt a lot from Snapshot, I was now eager to take that and apply it in a new piece. This time, without any use of stock photography and looking only to create original illustration. I wanted to keep a similar theme to snapshot, hence the comets in the sky and vast abundance of empty landscape – apart from the launch site. The main focus of this piece being that whoever these people are, they are trying to escape; doing it far off the radar in hopes of escaping the clutches of whatever wrath they are embodied in – undetected and out of sight.

Having enjoyed the process of creating the sky in Snapshot, I wanted to take the sky further and paint deeper into space. Look at creating nebulae and hinting at other solar systems. Free is supposed to feel quite cold and dangerous. While there are no exploding lightning bolts, the fog is eerie and surrounding planets are not friendly environments. Perhaps this is an aggressive part of the universe, torn to bits by space debris or maybe infested with vicious parasites. Only your dreams will tell you.