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Illustrations and Drafting for Munchkin Baby Products

I have worked on two projects for Munchkin Baby Products. Both very enjoyable. As you'd expect, when working for children and babies, the designs have to be basic and simple. It can be frustrating for me to work under that restriction at times. My knowledge of drawing tells me things should look different but is also useful at telling me what I can simplify. Luckily I'm very adaptable and can work toward whatever the intended audience.

The first project I worked on was to design some bibs. They could be any theme in any style. I arrived at three ideas: a wildlife theme, a pirate theme and a space theme. They were all to be drawn in the same style of basic flat colours and crayon styled outlines. I even did my sketches for these in oil pastels to achieve the basic shapes and low detail required.

These bibs are some mockups of my themes. Each one differing in its visual arrangement, based on the sketches I had done to test my ideas.

The second project Munchkin had me work on was for the paper sleeve, inside of a babies sippy cup. This required working within a specific print template, to a small vertical focus area. It was important to create a scene that looped, by folding into itself. For my pirate theme, this made doing the waves very hard as they were not allowed to overlap and look choppy when joined together.

Again, I used the same themes from before. The wildlife theme was much easier to loop without an overlap and features a much simpler background. I had to be careful when designing the characters as they back needed to occupy roughly one side of the cup. Having them unevenly spaced would not have looked great. So this required doing a print test and visualising it for myself properly.