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Invitation to my 21st Birthday Party

During my time studying Visual Communication at university we had a diverse range of projects. Usually combining the best parts of illustration and design. For one project in particular we had to draw a self-portrait. I took advantage of this, given the timing and doubled it up as an invite to my 21st Birthday Celebration. Here's a quick breakdown of the process behind the image.

To begin I took some original photography and filtered it until it was just very basic colours and shapes. Knowing that I'd be adding a high contrast overlay and using this as the colour layer I avoided using blacks whites or any strong shapes, keeping everything quite natural and not too linear.

From there I completed the self-portrait in Illustrator and created the next level of the background layer, which was to be blended into the starting image. I deliberately created something that would selectively pick out areas of the elements like the halftone pattern in the background.

After that I combined everything and later added the text. I wanted to keep things quite messy and grungy while being informative and sharp enough to get the message across. Not to forget, creating something with enough background and depth to pass the course module.