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Logo Concept for Financial Advisor, Mauldin

Here are my concepts for Financial Advisor, Mauldin. These are fully original typefaces, designed with gold bullion in mind. Most of my initial sketches featured the word wrapped in an ingot-shaped border. When developing them as vectors I wanted to create something that could be imprinted on correspondance of identical colour, like the embossing on a gold bar.

When creating a font for embossing it is important to think about the edges and how it will feel. I didn't want a font with flat-top stems and hollow loops. I wanted to create a font that felt smooth and had lots of variation to its texture. something that would reflect light in interesting ways and be fun to trace over.

The second draft had a more unified and consistent typeface. Still made with all the same objectives and for the same purpose yet a more universal direction to the font. My goal was to create something similar to the first but with a softer feel and stronger footprint.

Here are some presentations of my logos. Just quick mockups, hinting at the various usages I had in mind.