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Love Game

Great as it would be to say this is a summary of my experience with women, it is actually my interpretation of someone else's experience. It was about half two in the morning on 29th March, 2010. Suddenly all hell broke loose; nothing but a girl screaming at her fellow, in the entrance of the court, for about half an hour straight. She was crying the whole time, hitting him and throwing his things around. She would not let the guy get a word in edgeways so it must have been bad. This is my revisited masterpiece to honour both of them and their spectacularly failed relationship.

With the original sketch as my starting point, I went into Illustrator and did my line work before taking it into Photoshop for colouring – using a combination of vector and brushes to create my first official Vector Painting! Very fun but also very time consuming (especially as a certain setting kept conflicting and crashing my Photoshop). It has it's own distinct look and achieves a level of detail you can't get with just vectors. All in all very fun but I will probably just stick with Vector or Painting in the future, rather than combine the two this extensively.