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Sometimes I end up finding the weirdest of projects. This is one of those. Creation of a logo for a male-only event focused around getting drunk and escaping the mrs/family for a day. Aptly named, Man Day. I never heard more of this event and would loved to of seen footage or photos from the day.

Either way, I created an identity for this which I felt was fitting and iconic enough. Something that was easy for drunk people to read while unique enough to look great on banners and promotional stickers. The initial brief was quite clear and stated that they wanted to use either the male ♂ gender symbol or a simple vector icon of a man. So of course, I said "why not both?"

They really liked the direction of my first draft but wanted the text to be one colour and and include some kind of background for the stickers. After some more sketches and drafting I arrived at this idea which was also presented as two separate images, to be used as two separate stickers. We both liked how the result turned out and felt it would really add to the event.