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Maverick Renegade

Skipping forward a few years to 2008, this drawing makes me smile every time. Mostly as it was such an unexpected outcome, especially compared to the rest of my class. Not only was it the only digitally illustrated piece, it was the only one to warp the theme so much to the extent having guns and explosions. My local knowledge was mostly responsible for that.

We were given a few choices of subject and I chose to do this specific area of our hometown. It's a small side-alley with some shops and a few shortcuts to various places. Round the back there is a big car park which is where I took my inspiration from. The carpark has small grafiti stencils dotted around. Nominally, one of a pig with a bomb above it, as the bombs are styled here. Also a character, whom the character here is based on. In my head, that all adds up to this guy taking out the police. Pretty straightforward but a link no one even came close to discovering. I was pleased as I'm always happy to be asked questions and see my work spark interest.