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Mouth Marketing Logo

It can be tricky when working with a word that represents something you see every day. Perhaps difficult to avoid generalising or easy to assume everyone elses is that same as yours. With the Mouth Marketing project, I wanted to keep my connotations subtle and abstract enough to imply the obvious meaning through visual clues, while retaining an original and iconic brand.

I wanted to relate the obvious visual imagery of a mouth with marketing, without creating additional bulk or an image to accompany a mouth. So I actually looked at networking and old 'share' buttons on the web, simple icons where 3 circles are connected by lines. These 3 circles became the 'corners' of my mouth image and were representative to the very nature of spreading the word. Originally I kept the text white, to hint at them being the teeth, wrapped by the lips of the mouth shape.

Once this abstract shape was formed I simply added bulk and smoothed it into something I felt would look great printed or constructed. I really wanted to create something which could be illuminated or backlit so kept everything one colour in the end. As usual there were many small tweaks and drafts of this but this is the final shape and text combo arrived upon. I would really love if this abstract shape could be filled with the same mechanics and substance as in lava lamps. Also something that I could have animated digitally.