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Seizam Logotype

A great service for traditional artists or anyone who is not so web smart or tech-savvy. Seizam is a platform that lets artists present and promote their work on the web in a very professional way, without having to learn how to make websites. I began my work on this project by settling on a nice font style. I didn't want something with hard slabs, blocky sans feel or too script. I was looking for a steady balance of all three.

The only real parameter of the brief was that it had to contain red. The client was completely open on font choice and styles. So, I used my artistic flair to decide on a style that would appeal to me. I strongly believe in freedom to the artists and think the cause of this service is very worthy, so how would I go about branding it?

I started with a nice script font and joined up the letters, adding a few other tweaks and other snazzy curls. This was my starting point and from here I analysed the letters further by printing them out and drawing onto them. I looked at how to connect the whole word into one fluid swoosh, going back to the art theme and basics of brushwork.

After a few drafts and some more drawing; I decided this text needed more movement and had to feel more dynamic. Therefore I went for an italic rendition of it and added some extra curls to the 'S'. I wanted it to look very unique so it could maybe be used as a standalone icon or watermark in the site and on correspondence.

Unfortunately, I was competing with a few other designers and didn't win this pitch. Still, I love the typeface I created and to me it shows my progress since my early lettering and typography. This wont be the last time I produce a custom script font.