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Umpf: Logo and Branding Development

Before going to University I took a year out, freelancing for income. This was one of the biggest projects I worked on during that time. The task of creating a whole identity for lively London-based Social Media & PR Agency, Umpf. The brief for this project was quite straightforward, they wanted it to look like it sounds. Have real oomph, almost shout at you, while remaining polite and human.

To achieve this I set out at looking situations where you may make such a noise. Anything which would require a physical exertion such as lifting, carrying, fighting. Then I looked into other things which may make an umpf sound effect. After lots of sketching, I took these representations and abstracted them into just basic shapes.

At the same time I reached a colour way that I felt had enough oomph to stand out alongside the text. Choosing to go for four different colours as I wanted each dot to have its own personality and stand out just as much as the others. This was to imply the diversity and overall focus of their company, showing they can make every individual client stand out.

For the third draft I looked at a rearrangement of the symbol, as the possibility is always there to animate my logo work. This was also for the sake of print, if there was ever the need of a one-line version. The draft was simple but it would be cool to see how the dots could move from a square formation to above the text.

Once the identity was set, the task of making equally striking stationary was to be tackled. I had kept this in mind with the creation of the logo and had many ideas for how this could work. From simple round business cards in four different colours, to full die-cut and possibly acrylic solutions, as visualised above. There were many drafts of these, yet all fairly similar so I have just selected a few. For the Letterheads and Compliment slips I imposed a watermark of the logo onto the dark-trimmed sheets and also used a small silhouette stamp of the logo with black & white printing in mind.